Benefits of instant coffee

Some people could ask if the only benefit of instant coffee is the easy making, but, many studies reveal that instant coffee have more benefits than we know.

There are many benefits in the consumption of instant coffee. According to a 2012 paper in Food Chemistry, the way instant coffee is produced concentrates some antioxidant compounds, including phenols and flavonoids, resulting in an even “higher content of these substances when compared to other types of coffee.” And a lab study published in the same journal in 2013 found that instant coffees differed little from fresh coffee in levels of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that may have cardiovascular benefits, though the levels varied widely across the samples. Among three instant coffees analyzed in the study, the one that contained some green coffee beans had the highest levels of chlorogenic acid.

Another study found that healthy people who drank instant coffee for five days had significant reductions in certain biomarkers of oxidative stress. This suggests that the coffee may offer some protection against chronic diseases linked with oxidation, such as heart disease.

Also, incorporating instant coffee into your diet can help whittle your waistline. A standard 6-ounce cup of instant coffee, served black, contains a negligible 4 calories. Swapping in coffee for other beverages can help you lose weight. For example, drinking plain instant coffee instead of a cup of orange juice every day would save almost 40,000 calories over the course of a year.

Therefore, if you’re drinking coffee for its health benefits, it doesn’t really matter whether you go for instant or brewed varieties.

Ultimately, you’ll probably choose the type that tastes better to you.

Just make sure that there are no added chemicals, flavorings or sugars in any type of coffee that you drink if you’re concerned about maintaining optimal health.

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