Coffee and beauty

These days physical beauty doesn’t depend on genetic makeup and luck only. At present, beauty is related to take care of yourself and a lot of products that exist in the cosmetic market. On the other hand, coffee and beauty can be related more than we think.

Every morning, we drink a cup of coffee to weak up or to get energy before to start workdays. Enjoying a cup of coffee is part of the daily routine for millions of people and their culture around the world. However, coffee can contribute to improving several aspects of our life. As we said in past writing, moderation consume of coffee can benefit health, concentration, well being, happiness and sociability of people. But the question is, can coffee help us with our physical beauty?. According to doctors, coffee has pros and cont effects on our body and skin.    

Cont effects

Caffeine is a dehydrator, similar to alcohol and sodium, and when our bodies lack all the important hydration, it can show up on our skin. The same effect that caffeine produces to be awake, it happens with our hormones. Stress hormones, such as cortisone, may increase the amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands. This situation can produce an ideal condition to produce acne. However, according to experts ingredients, such as sugar and milk, can be more harmful to our skin than caffeine. These two ingredients are triggers making the skin more prone to breakouts.

Doctor Goldenberg affirms that our routine diet is reflected in our skin. For this reason, is very important the quality of our food, in this case, the quality of the coffee.”If your gut is inflamed that will show up as inflammation in your skin” says doctor Bowe.

Pros effects

It is very important to stand out that coffee is actually a good habit to have, in moderation consumed. “Caffeine has been shown to be beneficial for your skin” doctor Goldenberg says. Coffee has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help our skin makes the regeneration process. Caffeine increases the production of endorphin, which is known as happiness hormones. These hormones help us to delay the appearance of wrinkles because of the endorphin effect of dermis epidermis as an antioxidant. And with that, we can stoop time in our skin little be.

One role of caffeine is the stimulation of nervous cells, which are the principal source of endorphins, and it is showing up in our skin. For this reason, the cosmetic market is working to create facial lotion with the extraction of caffeine. This lotion can benefit our skin more effective than the caffeine consumed.  

Indeed, coffee can help us to get physical beauty, as long as we drink it without excess. Actually, “avoid the excess” is the key to everything our life. Every single aspect is subjected to regulation and balance in our life. Depend on our self and the way how to consume coffee, we can get good benefits to our skin and health in general. However, the most important is the real beauty is on the inside. Sometimes, the virtues are below the surface and the coffee is a perfect example of that. We should hold on to what makes us different from others. It is never too late to be young and beautiful.

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