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Welcome to 2020, may this year be full of success, good deals and we live in a world at peace. It is the message of Maxespresso for everybody.

In the last writing, we talked about the inevitable changes in life. Well, it’s the moment to start to change with our bodies. After this holiday and we got the most out of several kinds of food, you need to get fit and weight loss. Despite a lot of people think about coffee, this beverage for weight loss is not just an urban legend. Whether you love coffee hot or iced, it is about to become your new diet drink.

According to doctors, there is evidence about an ordinary cup of coffee can help increase a person’s odds of a long life. The medical correspondent of NBC Nightly News Bob Arnot, MD, expresses that coffee has been able to treat everything from eczema to type 2 diabetes. “Drink coffee my way, and you can trigger unparalleled weight loss while changing your entire life for the better” Arnot said. But how coffee can help us to lose weight? Well, coffee affects the body by giving you:

Faster metabolism

Metabolic refers to the rate our body uses or burns the energy throughout day. In coffee, there are antioxidants which are called phenols and doctor Arnot supports that at least three cups of roast coffee per day with nutrient shakes and meals can increase metabolism and give you a fat-fighting edge. Also, phenols help calorie burn long term by preventing a type of inflammation that not only stalls our thyroids but can also lead to loss of metabolism and boosting muscle.

Coffee provides more effective fat burning during a workout and for several hours after exercise. It very important to underline our body reacts to coffee any other drug. Lager does use is shown to be counterproductive. Therefore, more is no better and it takes a small amount to achieve great result.

Faster fat burning

Insulin is the hormone that bocks the fat burning and at lower levels of this hormone our body can fat burning faster. Phenols in coffee have been shown to decrease the formation of insulin and new fast. Another caffeine bonus is the stimulant helps free fat from fat cells during activity. Therefore, the body can quickly incinerate fats.

Fat burning has been linked to improving athletic performance. Caffeine is shown to improve endurance levels, resistance to fatigue and concentration. Research indicates coffee stimulates our body to use the fat store as fuel during long workouts. Instead of using muscle glycogen (sugar) during exercise, there appears to be a shift to fat stores allowing for prolonged use of working muscles.

Fat and calorie blocking

There are actually a couple few different types of phenols in coffee. One type, chlorogenic acid has been shown to decrease our absorption of carbs. Another type, melanoidin decreases the absorption of dietary fat. Arnot added, “I suspect it`s the reason people instinctively reach for coffee after a rich meal”.

High levels of caffeine in a cup of coffee are shown to significantly improve absorption fat. Also, it helps us to consume fewer calories during a day because the compounds and caffeine in coffee suppress our appetite.

Furthermore, phenols work by cleaning the blood, removing contaminants, and help the body fight disease and illness. 

It is very important to mention that all of these effects, that coffee has in our body, depending on our feeding and quality of the coffee. For example, the dark roasting coffee destroys phenols.  About feeding, the beard we enjoy with coffee or food with higher calories won`t count for losing weight.  

Consult your doctor prior to drinking coffee, if you suffer from medical conditions like hypertension, caffeine sensitive, or who are pregnant should not drink coffee.

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