Maxespresso Milano

Beauty concentrated in a small size. New model, more comfortable, more practical and lighter.

Ideal for enjoying the pleasure of an espresso in the privacy of your home, or in the office. Meeting the requirements of the most demanding people and the taste that sets us apart.

  • Available in the following colors:


The Maxespresso Milano is designed to work with our Maxespresso Capsules, but also works with all the capsules compatible with Nespresso®*.


  • Constant pressure pump of 20 bars, that offers a rich and aromatic espresso.
  • Coffee temperature sensor.
  • Programmed and automatic control of the amount of desired coffee.
  • Energy saving mode: the machine turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Automatic ejection of the used capsules.
  • Removable anti-drip tray.


Height: 26.5 cm.
Width: 11cm.
Depth: 36.5 cm.
Container capacity of water: 0.8 liters


  1. Fill the water container and turn on the machine.
  2. When the light stops blinking the machine is hot and ready to use. Place the cup in the tray and select the amount of desired coffee (espresso o lungo) or only hot water.
  3. Insert a Maxespresso or compatible capsule and bring down the handle. The coffee starts to flow.
  4. When the cup is full the machine will stop automatically. Lift the handle to eject the used capsule.

* The trademarks are not owned by Maxespresso Gourmet Coffee L.L.C or companies related to it.

Maxespresso Milano

Are you more eccentric tastes? This machine is ideal for you. The same flavor and the same quality as always in a single elegant machine that you can combine with your spaces.

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