Everybody remember the film “Back to the Future” and all the technological advances that are showed in this film.  Specifically, the kitchen scene where is appeared a capsule, which is inserted inside microwave and the person get a delicious pizza. Nowadays, the same is happened with coffee. Technology and coffee are in hand and the revolution of capsule coffee machines appear. With these machines you don’t need for complex procedures like grinding, dosing and tamping. Just stick the capsule in the machine, turn on the hot water and get a high quality cup of coffee quickly.

The invention of coffee capsule has revolutionized coffee drinking. This innovation has put the most popular beverage into a capsule. Each plastic container is composed by an aluminum foil seal with ground coffee and it produces a similar effect to tea bags when submerged in hot water. Èric Favre, the Swiss inventor who put coffee into capsules, said that his Italian wife set him the challenge that chances the coffee drink. The purpose of the couple was moving the concept of the best express coffee from Italy to every home and made our live more practical and easier.

Lot of experts admit that capsule coffee machines have advantage that the tradition ground coffee haven’t.  Firstly, the swiftness, you can prepare any kind a cup of coffee in minutes. Also the machines give you the flexibility to make all kinds of quality coffee for example an americano, an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino or any other type of coffee that might take your fancy. Coffee capsule machine gives you the freedom to be an expert coffee maker.

The second advantage, the capsules keep the fresh for longer. Mostly of these capsules are hermetically that make the flavor and aromas are perfectly preserved until the capsule seal is broken. So the great flavors are when you actually make your coffee. The last advantage is these kinds of machines create less mess and less waste. Nowadays, the marker demand is searching into this new product, its easiest and quickest preparation.

It is amazing how technological advance and coffee maker are in hand and create coffee capsule machines. The rapid growth of coffee capsule surprised even the experts. If someone would have asked coffee specialists about revolution of coffee capsule machines, they wouldn’t believe. Because, the coffee preparation’s tradition has been on top in marker demand. However, according to a journal writer, a coffee fanatic who prefers grinding his own beans, said this quickest and newest method is not as good as a famous express but it is good. The most important is the invention of coffee capsule has revolutionized coffee drinking and coffee marker.

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