Types of Coffee

Maxespresso Coffee tasting

The sound of the coffee when it pour into your cup. The pleasant hustle of the coffee shops. The smell of the infusion of recently served coffee. That taste that brings to you a memory. A cup of coffee can evoke experiences, emotions and situations.

Coffee is felt, savored, smelled, seen, heard; and it is this multi-sensorial experience of coffee that captivates its fans.

Maxespresso understands this passion, and thanks to its variety of flavors and its special machines, makes possible to enjoy all the coffee experience wherever you go.

It pleases all your senses with these coffee versions and you can become an expert coffee lover taken by the hand of Maxespresso.

Ways to drink Coffee

Es sólo una cuestión de proporción. El café recibe distintos nombres dependiendo de la cantidad de leche con la que se mezcla. Utiliza las máquinas Maxespresso para preparar una deliciosa taza de café a tu gusto en cada ocasión.

A divine cup of Gourmet Coffee

Coffee with Liquor

A touch of liquor could make your Espresso coffee in an exquisite drink both cold as well as hot.