What type of coffee do you drink on Summer?

Have the coffee drinks chance in summer? Well, it depends on the liking of each person, but you can’t deny when the heat is merciless, you need some cold drinks. For people, who like coffee, ordering an iced coffee has been a straightforward affair. Therefore, espresso coffee, with or without milk, whipped cream or ice cream, Irish coffee, served over plenty of ice in tall glass can become especially beverages of summer.

In recent years, the possible interpretations of coffee and iced are diverse, especially for baristas who recognize the espresso method of extraction isn’t necessarily the best for iced coffee, because of the bitterness of coffee can increase with chilling. On the other hand, gentle or slow extractions can actually add certain sweetness to the coffee.

Cold methods of extraction coffee

There are different cold methods of extraction coffee. One of them is the cold brew, that consists of the coffee are immersed in water left to brew over a long period of time before being filtered. Frequently, you can get this coffee readymade by cold brew method in stores, because this technique takes a long time to make. Another method is the cold drip that takes a little less time. It consists of iced water passes through coffee grounds, absorbing the flavor before slowly dripping down to the bottom of the container, leaving the grounds behind. The last one is the nitro cold brew that consists of infusing cold brew with nitrogen, then releasing it through a pressurized valve al a very chilled temperature. With these three methods, you could get several kinds of cold coffees which are straightforward affair these days of summer.

Types of Iced coffees

You can live different experiences with these kinds of methods and get the most delicious and provocative cold coffees for this summer. For example, there is a coffee that calls Vietnamese iced coffee that it is made with cold drip method and the drip coffee is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and ice. On the other hand, with the cold brew method, you can prepare a beverage with a chill glass and add either a swirl of chocolate syrup or coconut nectar before adding a handful of ice and pouring your chilled cold brewed coffee. With cold brewed coffee there are several kinds of beverage for example: Vanilla Iced Coffee, adding vanilla abstract, Iced Spanish late, adding condensed milk and the flavor of cinnamon, Cold Brew Lemonade, adding lemon juice, Espresso Tonic, adding bittersweet tonic water, and others.

If you are interested in nitro cold brew coffee, there is a beverage called Pioneer Woman Iced Coffee, which includes cold water and sweetened condensed milk. Also with this method, you can prepare Cold Brew Irish Coffee that has as ingredients: nitro coffee, whiskey, simple syrup, and ice. Traditionally, Irish Coffee is severed hot, but there are big fans of cold coffee.

Moreover, the mixed ice cream and coffee create the famous Italian beverage called Affogato that is prepared with hot espresso over cold vanilla ice cream. Also, you can add flavor and an extra of various liqueurs like Frangelico, Amaretto, Nocello, whiskey, and others. This beverage can be served as dessert, especially in summer.

It is amazing all you can make with coffee. The tradition coffee is just a piece of an enormous puzzle. With coffee, you can get several beverages, hot and cold, that you can enjoy and share with different kinds of people and every moment of your life. Therefore, you can get memories with these experiences that are the most important of life. As the saying goes “the variety is the spice of life”, the coffee is an example of that. The versatility of coffee is singular.

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